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What We Do

What We Do

Our online coaching service is for people who want a personalised approach to fitness without the hefty price tag. We have built a community of expert coaches to help you to achieve your goals from absolutely anywhere, all available through our app.

What you'll get:

A science-based meal plan created by our experts and customised to your personal needs

Fun and effective workout routines tailored to your specific goals and abilities and updated monthly in-line with your progress

Access to advice from our expert coaches who will support you in achieving your goals

Access to our member's area with regularly updated recipes, exercises and tips to stay on track

Access to an online library of exercise videos so you can mix-up your workouts and check your technique

Access to our RQT group chat where other RQTers share tips, support, recipes, exercises and motivation

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Our online coaching service is accessible on your mobile, laptop or tablet making it easy for you to train in a gym, from home or even outdoors.

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Real Results

All of our expert coaches are fully qualified personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts with a track-record for delivering impressive, sustainable results. 

We always work with your abilities, lifestyle and personal needs in mind meaning our training plans are realistic and achievable. 

We want to help you to achieve whatever goals you have in mind, whether that's weight loss, muscle gain, stamina improvement or a complete lifestyle change.

24/7 Support

Our online coaching service is accessible on your mobile, meaning we will be with your every step of the way. We know training has it's ups and downs and that's why we've worked to create a comprehensive support network for those moments where you need a little more motivation or advice.

An app to communicate with our expert coaches

What you'll get:

Access to our member's area where you can chat to other RQTers to gain tips, support and motivation

Online access to your personalised diet and exercise plans so you can use them anywhere, anytime


Frequently asked questions

Will I lose weight on this plan?

Your goals will be set with an RQT coach in your consultation session. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat or drop a dress size, your coach will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve your goal in a reasonable time frame, using methods you will find sustainable long-term.

How much contact will I have with my coach?

On the standard plan, your coaches will give you round-the-clock support when they are online. For anyone on the premium plan, you will have a direct chat open with your trainer, allowing you to ask a question whenever you need to, and receive constant 1-1 coaching to help you with your exercise, your diet and your lifestyle.

How long is the membership? Can I cancel?

Your membership is a rolling 1-month contract, meaning you are not locked into any long-term contract with us. You can simply send us a message when you would like to cancel.

Choose Your plan

Results Community


Every Month

Results Based Fitness Community

An online resistance training plan, updated every 4 weeks

A personalised calorie breakdown and macro calculator


A personalised example meal plan


An online recipe book with meal ideas


Access and support with our RQT community

Share your success stories


Cancel anytime (no contract)

1-1 Coaching


Every Month

Results Based Fitness Community

Full initial consultation with an expert coach


Personalised online resistance training guides, monitored and updated regularly

Personalised calorie breakdown, specific to goals


Personalised example meal plan

Online recipe book with meal ideas


Expert support from our coaches through an app, anytime.


Share your Success stories

Weekly progress monitoring (weight, body fat, measurements)

Cancel anytime (no contract)

Access to our member's area

Access to our RQT community chat


Still not sure about whether or not to join? 

Fill out the form below to send us a message with any questions about how it works, or send us a message using the chat for a quick response.


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